Anges Entourant le Sacré-Cœur c.1850 - Reproduction, Gold

Sacred at Heart

Item No. GWALL-31722

Anges Entourant le Sacré-Cœur c.1850 - Reproduction, Gold

Large design reproduction sacred heart, from an original French ex-voto/milagro design.  The Latin term ex voto (short for ex voto suscepto, "from the vow made”), has been a holy symbolic offering placed in a home, church, or shrine as a thanksgiving for a miracle received.  This design is ornate, with a sacred heart, a crown, cross and beautiful angels surrounding it.  Our handcrafted products may be subject to slight variations in shape and color of the patina.  Hand made in weathered tinplate, which is lightweight and bends easily. 

 MEANING.  Ex-voto. Wall and symbolic decorative object, originally suspended in a church, a venerated place, following a wish or in thanks for a grace obtained.

SIZE - Measures 15.5"x 8".  This is a very light weight piece and can be bent easily, just like its original predecessor.  

DESIGN.  This piece is a reproduction.  An ornate sacred heart is surrounded by image of the Eucharist, chalices, topped by a crown and surrounded by angels.  For indoor use only.  Keep away from water and chemicals.  Wipe with dry soft towel.

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